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Who are we?.

Outcasts is a (lvl 12) (ranked 62) Emerald Dream (EU) guild set up by a group of friends who all moved to the same realm to start this guild. In the past we raided together in TBC and Wrath but for various reasons lost track of eachother. Hellfiree, Vampilla and Hellga decided to see if they could bring back the old glory of TBC and Wrath and came up with the idea to create Outcasts. Over the last few months they have been working on gathering their friends to join their ranks to create a social non pressure raiding guild. With the help of many others in Outcasts we became a stable guild with lots of Social members and a really good raiding core. We have just started to raid and have dropped most bosses in the Tier 11 raids and have also entered Firelands to drop bosses there aswell.. We have a rocksteady officer crew and lots of really nice members, so if your interested in joining don't be shy to poke us ingame or apply right now on our webby.

For more info go to our forum and check the rest or apply to join our guild.

Raidprogress 0/7 T12 - Starting this week.

Raidprogress: 12/12 - T11

19-5-2011: Baradin Hold - Argaloth - Down
23-5-2011: Bastion of Twilight - Halfus - Down
28-6-2011 Bastion of twilight - Valion and Theralion - Down
6-7-2011 Blackwing Descent - Magmaw - Down
6-7-2011 Blackwing Descent - Omnitron - Down
6-7-2011 Blackwing Descent - Maloriak - Down
6-7-2011 Blackwing Descent - Atramedes - Down.
7-7-2011 Blackwing Descent - Chimaeron - Down.
11-7-2011 Blackwing Descent - Nefarian - Down.
18-7-2011 Throne of the 4 winds - Conclave - Down.
19-7-2011 Throne of the 4 winds - Al'Akir - Down.
26-7-2011 Bastion of Twilight - Council - Down.
27-7-2011 Bastion of Twilight - Cho gall - Down.


Recruitment wise we are still in need of a good warlock and a shammy and or priest healer.. 360 ilvl and experience needed.
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Tier 12 set bonus (all sets)

hellfĂ­ree, May 18, 11 2:02 AM.

Below you'll find the latest tier 12 set bonuses for all classes. Nearly all of these should be live on the PTR, if not implemented very soon. We thank you all for the feedback you've provided us thus far, as it's allowed us to make a few necessary tweaks. Feel free to let us know how the current bonuses are looking. Also, be sure to read the additional information in the section below all of the class listings, as it contains a few clarifications based on commonly asked questions about these sets.

Death Knights

  • Blood 2-Piece Bonus: Your melee attacks cause Burning Blood on your target, which deals 800 Fire damage every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, and causes your abilities to behave as if you had 2 diseases present on the target.

  • Blood 4-Piece Bonus: Increases parry chance by 15% for 12 seconds after Dancing Rune Weapon expires.

  • Frost/Unholy 2-Piece Bonus: Your Horn of Winter ability also grants you 3 runic power every 5 seconds for 2 minutes.

  • Frost/Unholy 4-Piece Bonus: Your Obliterate and Scourge Strike abilities deal 6% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 seconds.


  • Balance 2-Piece Bonus: You have a chance to summon a Burning Treant to assist you in battle for 15 seconds when you cast Wrath or Starfire.

  • Balance 4-Piece Bonus: While not in an Eclipse state, your Wrath generates 3 additional Lunar Energy and your Starfire generates 5 additional Solar Energy.

  • Feral 2-Piece Bonus: Your attacks with Mangle, Maul, and Shred deal 10% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 seconds.

  • Feral 4-Piece Bonus: Your finishing moves have a 20% chance per combo point to extend the duration of Berserk by 2 seconds, and when your Barkskin ability expires you gain an additional 10% chance to dodge for 12 seconds.

  • Restoration 2-Piece Bonus: Your periodic healing from Lifebloom has a 40% chance to restore 1% of your base mana each time it heals a target.

  • Restoration 4-Piece Bonus: Your Swiftmend also heals an injured target within 8 yards for the same amount.


  • 2-Piece Bonus: Your Steady Shot and Cobra Shot have a 10% chance to trigger a Flaming Arrow, dealing 80% instant weapon damage as Fire.

  • 4-Piece Bonus: You have a 10% chance from your Auto Shots to make your next shot or Kill Command cost no focus.


  • 2-Piece Bonus: You have a chance to summon a Mirror Image to assist you in battle for 15 seconds when you cast Frostbolt, Fireball, Arcane Blast, or Frostfire Bolt.

  • 4-Piece Bonus: Your spells have an increased chance to trigger Brain Freeze, Hot Streak, or Arcane Missiles. In addition, Arcane Missiles can now be cast while moving.


  • Holy 2-Piece Bonus: Healing with Holy Shock has a 40% chance to grant you 6% of your base mana.

  • Holy 4-Piece Bonus: Your Divine Light, Flash of Light, and Holy Light spells also heal an injured target within 8 yards for 10% of the amount healed.

  • Protection 2-Piece Bonus: Your Shield of the Righteous deals 20% additional damage as Fire damage.

  • Protection 4-Piece Bonus: When your Divine Protection expires, you gain an additional 12% parry chance for 10 seconds.

  • Retribution 2-Piece Bonus: Your Crusader Strike deals 15% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 seconds.

  • Retribution 4-Piece Bonus: Increases the duration of your Zealotry ability by 15 seconds. [/li]


  • Discipline/Holy 2-Piece Bonus: Your Flash Heal, Heal, Greater Heal, and Prayer of Mending spells cause you to regenerate 2% of your base mana every 5 seconds for 15 seconds.

  • Discipline/Holy 4-Piece Bonus: You have a chance when you cast a helpful spell to summon a Cauterizing Flame at the target’s location. Each second the Cauterizing Flame will heal an injured party member within 20 yards for 9250 to 10750. Lasts 5 seconds.

  • Shadow 2-Piece Bonus: While you are in Shadowform, your Shadowfiend deals 20% additional damage as Fire damage and its cooldown is reduced by 75 seconds.

  • Shadow 4-Piece Bonus: While you have Shadow Word: Pain, Devouring Plague, and Vampiric Touch active on the same target you gain Dark Flames, which reduces the cooldown of Mind Blast by 3 seconds.


  • 2-Piece Bonus: Your melee critical strikes deal 6% additional damage as Fire over 4 seconds.

  • 4-Piece Bonus: Your Tricks of the Trade ability also causes you to gain a 25% increase to one of your combat ratings at random for 30 seconds.


  • Elemental 2-Piece Bonus: Your offensive spells have a chance to reset the remaining cooldown on your Fire Elemental Totem.

  • Elemental 4-Piece Bonus: Your Lava Surge talent also makes Lava Burst instant when it triggers.

  • Enhancement 2-Piece Bonus: Your Lava Lash gains an additional 5% damage increase per application of Searing Flames on the target.

  • Enhancement 4-Piece Bonus: Your Stormstrike ability also increases Fire damage you deal to that target by 6%.

  • Restoration 2-Piece Bonus: Your periodic healing from Riptide has a 40% chance to restore 1% of your base mana each time it heals a target.

  • Restoration 4-Piece Bonus: Your Chain Heal spell no longer consumes your Riptide effect on the primary target.


  • 2-Piece Bonus: Your periodic damage has a chance to summon a Fiery Imp to assist you in battle for 15 seconds.

  • 4-Piece Bonus: Your Shadow Bolt, Incinerate, Soul Fire, and Drain Soul spells have a 5% chance to increase all Shadow and Fire damage you deal by 20% for 8 seconds.


  • Arms/Fury 2-Piece Bonus: Your Battle Shout and Commanding Shout abilities also cause you to deal 10% increased physical damage for 6 to 12 seconds.

  • Arms/Fury 4-Piece Bonus: Your Mortal Strike and Raging Blow abilities have a 30% chance to trigger a Fiery Attack, dealing 100% instant weapon damage as Fire.

  • Protection 2-Piece Bonus: Your Shield Slam deals 20% additional damage as Fire damage over 4 seconds.

  • Protection 4-Piece Bonus: When your Shield Block expires, your parry chance is increased by 6% for 10 seconds.

Additional Information & Clarification

  • The Fire damage-over-time effects from some set bonuses work like Ignite, and will accumulate and refresh damage just as it does.

  • The summoned guardians from the druid, mage, and warlock sets gain increased armor, resistance, Intellect, and hit chance from their master’s stats. They do not gain increased damage done in any way. In addition, they all cast spells and do not melee (this includes the druid Burning Treant).

  • The Frost/Unholy death knight 4-piece bonus uses both the physical and Shadow damage of Scourge Strike to calculate the Fire damage bonus for Unholy death knights.

  • The hunter 4-piece bonus does not get consumed by shots that do not cost focus.

  • The Mirror Image summoned by the mage set (2-piece bonus) does not cause him/her to drop threat. It summons a guardian who appears like the mage and casts Fireballs by his/her side.

  • Mage 4-piece bonus stats: +15% proc chance to Brain Freeze, +30% chance on single critical effect to Hot Streak, and Arcane Missiles will always proc by the 4th cast.

  • Dark Flame (from the Shadow priest 4-piece bonus) stacks with Improved Mind Blast.

  • The rogue 4-piece bonus never picks hit or expertise, and never picks the same rating twice in a row.

  • The warrior 2-piece bonus gets its duration reduced based on the number of talent points the warrior has in Booming Voice. It lasts 12/9/6 seconds at 0/1/2 points spent in Booming Voice.

Outcasts set to raid from next week.

hellfĂ­ree, May 16, 11 9:58 PM.
We are planning on starting our raids from next week, we are still rectuiting to bolster our ranks so if you want any info be sure to check our forum or /w an officer ingame.

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